It is talked about us:

     When the project is completed, all documents are signed, and the constructed object has started to bring profit for the Customer, people often express their attitudes and wishes. The feedback that we've got to date has been good.

 2012, Governor of St-Petersburg G. S. Poltavchenko:


     “I congratulate you and the personnel of “GT Morstroy” on the company’s fifteenth anniversary”.

     “Effective work of “GT-Morstroy” is based on united work of qualified engineers and constructors, implementation of up-to-date technologies and constant drive for production improvement. After many years of doing business, company’s personnel have proved that projects of any size and degree of complexity are feasible with permanently high quality of work.
     I am sure that this group of companies has great progress and many achievements ahead, for the benefit of Russia and whole marine and construction industry!
     I wish the personnel of “GT Morstroy” prosperity and new achievements in work!”.

 2012, General director of JSC “Companiya Ust-Luga” М. G. Shirokov:

      “Your company has one of the leading positions in its industry; our country can be proud of your work and work of your personnel! We appreciate your contribution to development of so important to the country strategic project — development of port complex in Ust-Luga! We are thankful for high proficiency of yours, which shows in your everyday work”.
2011, Branch manager CJSC “Rambol” in SPb А. B. Babasin:

      “Project documentation, performed by “GT Morstroy” didn’t get any corrections from the State Expertise No. 47-1-4-0494-11 dated 01.11.2011.
     During cooperation, engineers of “GT Morstory” demonstrated high proficiency, awareness of the up-to-date regulatory system, efficiency, attention to the Client’s and general designer’s requests.
     CJSC “Rambol” recommends “GT Morstroy” as a reliable business partner able to solve most complicated challenges related to design of technological solutions on water intake, water treatment and water conditioning”.

2010, General director of LLC “Korporacia Inzhtransstroy” Е. V. Basin:


     “LLC “Korporacia Inzhtransstroy” appreciates JSC “GT Morstroy” for a high quality work implementation related to field supervision of “First stage of the piping system “Vostochnaya Sibir’—Pacific Ocean”. “Spetsmornefteport Kozmino”.


      “Permanent availability of “GT Morstroy” specialists on construction site from the beginning of construction in May of 2008 to completion of construction in November 2009, and efficient and competent solutions of any challenges contributed to high quality and timely implementation of all construction and installation activities at the object and helped LLC “Korporacia Inzhtransstroy” to hand over the object, performed for JSC “АК “Transneft”, in time according to the schedule fixed by RF Government”.


2010, Administrative director of “Multiconsult” Håkon Sannum:

     “In relation to finalization of the onshore objects design within Shtokman gas-condensate field development in Terriberka, I will take the opportunity to confirm that we are contented with “GT Morstroy” cooperation. The work of GT Morstroy was performed timely and professionally, the company in all respects proved to be a loyal partner. JSC “GT Morstroy” has excellent experience in its business. SGCF Project had a wide range of technical and contractual activities and a tough working schedule. We are glad that Multiconsult managed to effectively solve all the challenges due to integrated partnership with our subcontractors. JSC “GT Morstroy” played a key role in development of a close cooperation based on trust and respect.
      We are confident of future cooperation with “GT Morstroy” and are happy to recommend it as a reliable partner”.
2010, Director of the Murmansk transport branch of JSC “GMK “Norilsky nikel”, А. М. Tyukavin:

     “Murmansk transport branch of JSC “Norilsky nikel” appreciates “GT Morstroy” for high-quality work implementation on development of TEO (project) for construction of “Reloading terminal JSC “Gorno-metallurgicheskaya kompania “Norilskiy nikel”.

      “I would like to mention high professionalism of “GT Morstroy”’s personnel and involved subcontract design companies, who participated in development of project documentation and document maintenance in expertises.
      Murmansk transport branch of JSC “Norilsky nikel” gives favorable response on work of “GT Morstroy”.
      We hope for further cooperation and good partnership between our companies”.

2008, General director of LLC “RN- Arkhangelsknefteprodukt” Y. N. Anisimov:

     “LLC “RN-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt” expresses gratitude to JSC “GT Morstroy” for efficient and high-quality work implementation on development of projects “Capital repairs of the quays No. 1, 2 and shoreprotection of firebreak facilities in Arkhangelsk terminal LLC “RN-Arkhangelsknefteprodukt”, “Reconstruction of the approach navigational channel (from Loading-Unloading District “Ekonomia” to the quays of Arkhangelsk terminal) LLC “RN-Arkhangelsknefteproduk”, проведение согласований, document maintenance in expertises, and control and examination of hydrotechnical facilities, performed in 2005-2007.
      I would like to point out a high professionalism of the personnel who was implementing project documentation development, participating in examination of facilities and maintaining documents in the expertises, and also I would like to point out the high quality of issued documentation”.
2008, Chief engineer of the Ust-Luga branch of FGUP “Rosmorport” А. М. Braginsky:

     “Peculiarity of JSC “GT Morstroy” is in its profoundness of design developing, coordination of accepted with the Client solutions, active participation in confirmation of issued projects and obtaining construction permits”.
2008, General Director of the Federal Government Enterprise  "КZS Rosstroy Direction" V. Schekachikhin:

      “КZS Rosstroy Direction" expresses gratitude to GT Morstroy for quick and quality execution of working paper and construction of leading beacon in 40 meters high in the transit of navigation pass C-1 in the new section of Kronstadt navigating channel.
      The project was performed under intricate meteorological conditions in the offshore zone of Neva firth in October-December 2008 and represent a unique hydraulic structure.
      I make special mention of GT Morstroy personal high expertise and express my willingness to continue collaboration”.
2007, General director of JSC “Pervy kontainerny terminal” А. А. Tikhov:

     “From 1999 to 2007 JSC “GT Morstroy” performed over 30 projects of area covering repairs at the terminals.
      Peculiarity of JSC “GT Morstroy” is in its profoundness of pre-design studies developing, coordination of accepted with the Client solutions.
      JSC “GT Morstroy” takes an active part in field supervision on site”.
2007, General Director of Ust-Luga Branch of Rosmorport Federal State Unitary Enterprise K. Goncharov:

     “You have done a really huge, hardest and fine work which helped to accomplish a goal set by the RF President — which was to connect Kaliningrad region and the main territory of Russia.
      Due to your efforts we managed to implement a project on operation of ferry crossing Ust-Luga-Baltysk.
      By all rights we consider you to be a reliable partner able to do a high quality and professional work.
      You are so friendly, young, energetic — an excellent team! You design and construct prosperous Russia, the best country in the world! Thank you muchly for this!".
2007, Chief Engineer of JSC Petersburg Oil Terminal A. Pyatnitsky:

     "Before acquaintance with GT Morstroy we had two quays; now we have seven, and all of them are constructed by this company’s team with heart and soul.
      I do not hesitate to characterize your collective as creative because you not simply observe construction regulations, but approach Customer’s desire with all your heart".

2007, General Director of JSC Ust-Luga Company I. Rusu:

     "10 years ago a group of enthusiasts teamed up for a common idea, which led to creation of a fast progressing design and construction organization renowned for dozens of designed and built hydraulic facilities.
      You managed not only to retain qualified personnel, but also to create a team of professionals, capable of solving complex large-scale tasks.
      Together we realize a large-scale project and appreciate our partnership!”.
2007, President of Morskoy Façade Management Company Sh. Kary-Niyazov:

     "Thank you for doing your work as designers and constructors adequately, honestly, professionally and workmanly!".
2006, General Director of Rosmorport Federal State Unitary Enterprise Yu. Parphenov:

     "I congratulate you with successful trial ferry mooring at a long-shore complex "The combined multi-purpose passenger-and-freight auto-railway ferry complex Ust-Luga — Baltiysk — ports of Germany". The results of trial mooring have shown high professionalism of all participants of the given project.
      Your well co-ordinated work allows to overcome successfully all the difficulties and to accomplish in time the mission assigned by the President and the Government of the Russian Federation to establish a regular ferry communication between the Kaliningrad and Leningrad regions of Russia.
      I express my gratitude to all project participants and hope for further interaction in performance of assigned tasks".
2005, Deputy General Director of JSC "Novorossiysk Shipyard" U. Avdashov:

    "I’m pleased to note that the section "Sea Transport" of the Declaration of Intent is made by the Project Institute very professionally and almost without remarks by the factory and "IngGeo".
2004–2005, Head of Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport V. Rouksha:

      "I express my gratitude to all employees of JSC GT Morstroy for the execution of the project "Combined multi-purpose passenger-and-freight auto-railway ferry complex Ust-Luga — Baltiysk — ports of Germany" and getting approval and state expert appraisal on a tight timetable".

      "I would like to thank all employees of JSC GT Morstroy for the timely completion of the project "The Sea passenger terminal on Vasilyevsky Island" and getting approval and state expert appraisal. Our further cooperation will contribute to the development of Russian port infrastructure".


2004, Chief Engineer of Maritime Administration of Murmansk Seaport A. Moklyak:

      "I express my gratitude to employees of GT Morstroy for diligent execution of treaty obligations, good organization and high quality of the executed works.
      I hope for the further cooperation in the field of hydraulic engineering construction and maintain mutually beneficial business relations with your organization".

2003–2004, General Director of Murmansk Shipping Company A. Medvedev:

     "Murmansk Sea Shipping Company is satisfied with the work of JSC GT Morstroy on designing an oil transfer complex to the south of Cape Mishoukov (Kola Bay).
      Offshore terminal was built in a short period of time thanks to the high quality of design documentation and quick reaction of employees of JSC GT Morstroy to all Customer’s wishes.
      Let me express my deep gratitude to all participants of design for high quality of performed work".

      "While working with you, I had many opportunities to appreciate your business approach and effective solving of complex production problems. There have been kind business relations between us and for our part we shall do our best to strengthen them.
      You can be sure that you’ll always find hearty welcome in Murmansk Shipping Company".

2002, Chief of the Russian Navy Department of Construction, Engineering Service and Accommodation V. Ainbund:

     "Technicians-and-engineers as well as highly skilled workers combining many building occupations ensure the highest quality of underwater engineering works on the difficult hydraulic structures.
      Working closely with Navy construction organizations JSC GT Morstroy proved itself to be a highly skilful and reliable partner.
      I recommend to make use of Morstroy’s wide experience in execution of all kinds of underwater engineering works".

2001, Chief of Sea Administration of Yeysk Seaport M. Skomarov:

     "I express my gratitude for a quality work on major overhaul of the Western and Eastern bank slopes of Yeysk Seaport. A big volume of works has been executed within 9 months in time and with high quality.
      I make special mention of professionalism of workers and good engineering skills of project managers and I hope for future cooperation".
Director of AS GT Project S. Shevchenko:

     "GT Morstroy is distinguished by a multichoice examination of project, operational coordination of all decisions with a Customer and an active participation in the process of endorsing finished projects".