Morgeo Ltd.

     GT Morgeo LLC performs a complete set of engineering surveys for construction of various-purpose facilities on water and land, including:

  • Engineering geodetic surveys;
  • Engineering hydrographic surveys;
  • Engineering geological surveys;
  • Engineering geotechnical surveys;
  • Engineering hydrometeorological surveys;
  • Engineering ecological surveys.

      GT Morgeo LLC employs 56 highly qualified specialists in all types of survey, including 42 employees with higher education.

      Modern geodetic, drilling and laboratory equipment is used to perform surveys, including:

  • Truck-mounted and track-mounted drilling rigs;
  • Self-designed floating self-propelling ready-made drilling pontoons;
  • Hydrographic boar equipped with a multi-beam and single-beam echosounders as well as side-scanning sonar;
  • Satellite and high-precision optical geodetic equipment;
  • Own ground laboratory with automated laboratory complexes for determining physical and mechanical properties of soils;
  • Static and dynamic profiling and plate load testing plants.